Web Programming: Can you dig it?


Like a day at the beach!

Building code castles in the sand...

Well, maybe not a day at the beach but...

...coding IS a lot of fun and not as messy!

About the sandbox...

At our sister site, Tech Novice Tools, you'd find a set of apps written in various languages like JavaScript or PHP, that were possibly prototyped with Python3.

These apps had their start somewhere, more than likely in a classroom 'sandbox' where coders grew and finessed their code.

This site is a place where fledgling coders can place their code and see how it performs 'in the wild.' With coaxing, these 'rough drafts' can be spit-shined where they can take their rightful place at Tech Novice.

There are 2 major components of TNT-Sandbox:

'Current Digs' are designs that are currently under development. They may be guided by TNT staff or freelanced by learners. Often they may be improvements on former designs from 'former' sites.

'Former Digs' are designs from the past that probably show a series of evolutionary steps as sites grew from infancy.

Last update: 10/09/19

Currently featuring:

Just a sampling shown here; there's more at our current digs.

JS Yahtzee-S2
Future App Goodness
Future App Goodness